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The Shocking Consequences of Purchasing Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit Products are Becoming an Epidemic in the US

counterfeit items not a victimless crime As the demand for increasingly inexpensive products grows, so too does the revenue for the countless counterfeit rings across the globe. While Americans feel as though they are getting a good deal; the truth is that counterfeit rings are synonymous with organized crime. US customs has had a very strong push to crack down on counterfeit products imported into the United States, and with good reason. Counterfeit products not only cost the United States Billions in potential tax revenue, they also support the growth of human trafficking, child slavery, fund terrorist groups, and result in the deaths of thousands of US citizens annually.

It's Just a Handbag, What's the Big Deal?


One of the main problems with counterfeit products...
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What is an expat?


Expat- This term is Rising in Popularity as More People Identify Themselves in this Rapidly Growing Group

And it appears that many Americans have no idea what an expat is, or have a misconception about what the terms means and the people who identify in this group. This article aims to give the facts about what an Expat is, and to clear up any misunderstandings surrounding the members of this niche group of people. What is an Expat? Expat is short for, "expatriate". Now, before any judgements are made, it is important to note that an expat doesnt necessarily have any ill feelings towards America or Americans. In fact, an expat doesn't even have to be American.  The most basic definition for expat is the following: "An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing, as an immigrant, in a country other than that of their citizenship. The word comes...
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Preventing Zika & How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

  How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

Whether you’re moving temporarily, or planning to become an expat, protecting yourself against a myriad of invisible viruses and bacteria can be daunting This article aims to discuss a few of the more predominant illnesses which tend to befall travelers, and what you can do to protect yourself.

1.)  Pre-Travel Physical

pre-travel physical to avoid getting sick 4-6 weeks before you intend to travel, meet with your doctor and have a physical, and let your physician know of your travel plans.

2.) Get vaccinated.

vaccination helps avoid getting sick abraod You may need several vaccinations, and some of these take some time before they are effective. In addition to this, you may also need to update your vaccines, or get “booster”...
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10 Best Countries to Live in 2016

10 Best Countries to Live in 2016

Standard of living is defined as
"The degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person or community"
While wealth is a good indicator of standard of living, when you're choosing a place to live, there are so many other factors to consider. This article examines quality of life; namely, which countries on this planet of ours offer those things like security, stability, ample activity, and education that enrich our lives as human beings. We will look at the following criteria for each country,
  • Employment Rate
  • General Health of Residents
  • Education
  • Civic Engagement
  • Pollution
  • Work/ Life Balance
  • Crime Rate
  • Disaster Risk
Using these criteria we have come up with this list of the 10 best countries to live in 2016.

10.) The Netherlands

Vacation_Club_Netherlands Coming in at number 10 on our list of the 10 best countries to live in 2016 is The Netherlands
  • The Netherlands score the highest in education, freedom, health, and infrastructure
  • 1.42 Million Total Crimes reported over the...
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Moving Abroad with Children: Easing the Transition

moving abroad with children Aris moving

Moving Abroad with Children

Moving to a new country is daunting- even the most prepared adult can find themselves dealing with difficulty in transitioning from one country to another. New places are intimidating, new people, new cultures, new way of life- there’s no denying that moving abroad is already a massive change that takes courage, wisdom, and determination. Imagine an international move from the perspective of a child and it is easy to see why parents face especially difficult considerations when moving internationally. This article aims to take a look at expert’s opinions on how moving abroad with children affects their mental and emotional health, and to offer helpful ideas which can help to ease the transition when moving to a new country.

 The Good News…and the Bad News:

We will start with the not-so-good-news, and then take a look at the benefits that can come from...
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5 Ways to Help You Mentally Cope with Culture Shock and Moving Overseas

culture shock aris moving blog   Culture Shock, its a term we hear around us on a regular basis, but many of us don't really give it much thought. It's just a part of moving, right?  Well- yes and no. It is certainly a feeling shared by the majority of people who move to a new city, and especially to those who move to an entirely different country. However, people often underestimate how much of an effect culture shock can have on a person, and it is important when putting all your ducks in a row, and meticulously planning your move overseas, that you take a moment to truly understand what emotions you will face when moving to a new environment, and prepare yourself to have as much support as possible so that you can thrive in your new environment and bounce back from culture shock as quickly as possible. We have compiled...
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