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Freight Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Freight Shipping Mistakes You Should Avoid

  Freight shipping is much more detail oriented than you would imagine. And with any sort of shipping- all it takes is one tiny over sight to completely delay or derail shipping plans. Here is a list of the top 10 most common mistakes people make when attempting to ship items internationally using freight shipping.

1. Poorly Packaged Items

How you package an item for freight shipping is crucial if you want your item to arrive at its destination both in a timely manner, and unharmed. Poorly packaged items run a real risk of being damaged in transit, and may even be rejected by the carrier upon arriving! If you are packing your own items to ship, then make sure to speak with a professional with any questions you may have on the right way to pack an item for freight Shipping. 

2. Incorrect/Illegible Address Information

This should be a no-brainer, right? You'd be surprised at how many people fail...
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How Do I Legally Export Products?

How to  Legally Export Goods from the US: A Basic Guide


As you can imagine, the process you have to go through to legally export goods from the US is one filled with red tape and tedious requirements. Generally speaking, it is better to utilize a freight forwarding service to handle exportation. This is because freight forwarders will handle the majority of the paperwork and documentation. They also have a good knowledge of the import regulations of foreign countries, the export regulations of the US, foreign trade documents, etc. However, it is possible to do it yourself as long as you don't mind navigating through the bureaucratic process.

5 Factors Every Exporter Must Consider Before Exporting:

In order to ensure a successful export of good over seas, there are 5 major considerations you as an exporter need to consider.

  1. Packing
  2. Labeling
  3. Documentation
  4. Insurance
  5. Tariffs

Each of these concepts plays an integral role in the process an exporter...

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Packing Efficiently for Long Term Travel

Essential Tips: Packing Efficiently for Long Term Travel

Before we get into crafty ways to fit as much as you can into a suitcase efficiently, we are going to look at what you should pack for long term and international travel. Here are some essentials, separated by category:

1. Clothing

  • Synthetic fabrics are often more wrinkle resistant, lighter, and more durable than cotton. As an added bonus, they dry faster.
  • If style is important to you, then pack clothing within the same color pallette, that way you can mix and match in order to have the largest variety of outfits with the least amount of clothing
  • 2 pairs of shoes, max! One pair that is great for daily wear, long walks, hikes, etc. One pair of dressier shoes (that are still comfortable)
  • Pack for 7-10 days regardless of how long your trip is
  • Experts suggest an ideal clothing packing ratio for 7-10 days is 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 8 daily shirts, 1 dressier...
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Types of International Shipping |Freight, Courier & Container

Types of International Shipping Explained

international shipping terms The terms can be confusing- When it comes to international shipping, there is a lot of verbage and jargon you have to learn. Knowing the difference between the various types of international shipping will save you money in the long run. Besides, it is good to know exactly what you are looking for. Having good knowledge about a subject will protect you from purchasing more than you need or being pressured into buying something that is not relevant to your specific situation. In regards to the terms we will cover in this article  - it is important to be weary of people who use these terms interchangeably. Although they are all related, each type of international shipping has its own unique characteristics which greatly effect shipping time and shipping costs.

FREIGHT SHIPPINGTypes of International Shipping: Freight Shipping

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10 Essentials For International Moving and Travel

You May Think You Know the Essentials For International Moving

essentials for international moving

Just to be sure, here is our list of 10 essentials for international moving and travel.

The Nature of International Travel Has Changed- With the tragic events in recent months, in addition to elevated social and cultural tensions; now more than ever it is important to safeguard yourself when traveling or moving abroad. These 10 essentials will help you to avoid unexpected delays due to incorrect or incomplete documents, as well as give you some inside information regarding international moving, and international shipping.

10 Essentials for International Moving and Travel

1. Proper Documentation


This is a given, right? Many Americans would assume that they only need a passport  to travel internationally. While having a passport is absolutely a necessity- there is some additional information about your passport that you should know.
  • Your Passport needs to have at least 2 blank pages
  • Your...
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Preventing Zika & How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

  How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

Whether you’re moving temporarily, or planning to become an expat, protecting yourself against a myriad of invisible viruses and bacteria can be daunting This article aims to discuss a few of the more predominant illnesses which tend to befall travelers, and what you can do to protect yourself.

1.)  Pre-Travel Physical

pre-travel physical to avoid getting sick 4-6 weeks before you intend to travel, meet with your doctor and have a physical, and let your physician know of your travel plans.

2.) Get vaccinated.

vaccination helps avoid getting sick abraod You may need several vaccinations, and some of these take some time before they are effective. In addition to this, you may also need to update your vaccines, or get “booster”...
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What Items are Prohibited in Shipping Containers?

What Items are Prohibited in Shipping Containers?

Knowing what items are prohibited in international shipping containers is one of the best ways you can insure that you and your belongings all arrive to your destination as quickly and stress-free as possible. Often times things that we would never guess would be prohibited are just that- and with the current state of high alert across the globe, the best defense is to know all of the rules and prepare accordingly

What Items are Prohibited in Shipping Containers?

1.) Batteries

prohibited in shipping container batteries Batteries are one of those items that most people don't stop to think about, especially in the middle of handling such a stressful situation as moving. Batteries, of all kinds, are strictly prohibited on shipping containers. Why? There is a risk of fire, and also the risk that the toxic chemicals inside of these batteries could leak out. And its a risk that international moving...
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Preparing for Professional Movers: A Step-By-Step Guide


Moving is a big deal...Thankfully You Hired Professional Movers

but in your choice to pay for professional movers, you have already taken a huge step to making the process as painless as humanly possible. Perhaps this is your first time using professional movers, or maybe youre an experienced veteran when it comes to moving- either way these ten tips should cut a huge amount of time, money and hassle out of your already stressful situation! Here's our list of 10 tips that anyone can use! We are going to go ahead and skip over the obvious ones like "purge and declutter your house". We should all be aware that lack of clutter and lack of excess material things will make the process of moving happen for more smoothly.

 1.) Remove All Batteries from Remotes and Other Appliances

If you don't...
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10 Packing Tips to make Your Next Move A Breeze

[caption id="attachment_786" align="aligncenter" width="600"]man-under-boxes-aris-moving Moving is a nightmare, but maybe it doesn't have to be[/caption]

No One Likes Packing to Move, but These 10 Tips Will Make Moving MUCH Easier

Personally, it isn't the packing that gets to me whenever I am moving, it is the unpacking that leaves my new living room often filled with a mountain of unopened boxes. I scoured the internet for the best packing tips that I could find, and here are the top ten packing tips to make your next move easy like Sunday morning.  

1.) How to Pack Plates

This is one of those packing tips that I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of myself. It is simple, and can function to benefit in more than one way. Nothing is worse than arriving at your new home and opening the boxes where your good china is supposed to be, and finding only shards of porcelain. This tip will greatly reduce the...
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5 Creative Ways to Pack Christmas Ornaments


Its never too early to plan for packing-

And with the holiday seasons upon us, we wanted to offer up some insider advice on how to pack christmas ornaments -those delicate treasures from your tree to avoid any kind of damage when moving, or even simply storing them for the off season.

5 Ways to SAFELY Pack Christmas Ornaments

1. Ditch the Cardboard, Say Hello to Plastic

Not only is a plastic tote more durable and less susceptible to damage, plastic totes are reusable and, if handled well, can last you and your family for years to come. Plastic totes can be clearly labeled, are generally stackable, and can keep out most water other damage from humidity.  When it comes to storage- plastic totes are your best friend. 2. Egg Cartons  Styrofoam, paper, both are great options for storing delicate holiday items. The best part about these storage gems is that they are easy to replace, and they are stackable! The best way to reduce the...
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