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Testimonials are an important window into the validity, and customer service of any business. Aris Moving takes its customer testimonials very seriously, and hopes that we provide the ultimate service for our clients.

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We are grateful to our previous clients for taking the time to let people know how their experience with Aris Moving was over all!

Customer Testimonials :


My son got a promotion and was transferred to an overseas office for his company. At first we thought he was going to have to buy a whole new set of everything. Luckily a friend of ours told us how reasonable it was to just ship most of it over. After doing some research we settled on Aris Export. And boy are we happy we did. Not only did they make it a hassle free process, but we were able to purchase adapters for my sons electronics and appliances which ended up saving him even more money. They came in to my sons place and packed everything up neatly and cleanly. And when my son got to his new home he had no problems. We will definitely be giving them a call when my son eventually moves back to the US.
– Chandra B.

Aris Exports handled my shipment overseas.
Besides being the cheapest they are also extremely professional. The person handling my shipment, Issac, gave me a detailed explanation of my options and patiently answered all my questions. They also carefully packed for me a desk I wanted to ship at no additional charge! Highly recommended.
– Jim J.

When I first moved overseas in 1981, it was from Aris Export Company that we purchased our 220 volt appliances. They took care of shipping these items and our personal belongings. All arrived fine and we got many many years of use from the appliances. Last year my son, in preparation for another move, had contacted them again. Everything went well..from special paperwork, to helping me pack up everything. I am in the process of preparing another shipment and will again use their service.
– Cathy U.

Aris Export helped us find the right size for our household goods and then they built a nice wooden shipping box for our goods. We shipped from California to Spain and they kept us informed of the transit and then helped us with the receiving agent and Spanish customs. Neither my wife or I had experience in overseas moving and they gave us guidance and answered all our questions quickly. We give them 5 stars and would recommend them to anyone!
– Jay E.